Welcome to The Village

A New Destination for your ultimate Dining Experience in Doha – Inspired by nature‘s 3 major components; freshness of green farmlands, tranquility of the clear blue Mediterranean sea and the sparkles of the fires of the Orient, The Village has recreated a vibrant ambiance that radiates both refinement and grace which leaves a lasting impression in your mind. But of course, the magic does not quite end there. It lies in the subtlety with which the menus have been crafted and interwoven to give a choice without an equal, in a setting that is both ethereal and timeless and is guaranteed to send your spirits soaring.


Need an excuse to put your feet up and get a whiff of the Mediterranean?

Come to the Medi which draws inspiration from the warmth and hospitality of the countries around it. The restaurant menu is a delectable fusion of Italian, Lebanese, Greek and Spanish cuisines. Traditional Lebanese starters, homemade Italian pizzas, seafood delicacies and a few unusual ones in addition to fresh fish display, baked or grilled to your liking. Pastas and risottos are a plenty, all heaped generously. The seafood is like a breath of fresh air interwind with very light and succulent novel recipes. The beverages are not to be left far behind. The kitchen is also equipped with an authentic lava grill to cook food. The kitchen is open and the colour theme neutral and elegant. However, nothing compares with the backdrop of stone and water. The restaurant overlooks a garden Patio and has an exotic relaxing, yet welcoming feel.

Looking forward to having an exquisite dining? Just chill…at the Grill!!

The ambiance at the Grill is unique and bold, and very self-assured. It forms the picture perfect setting for a family private sitting. The cuisine is Persian and from India’s North West Frontier region, served the traditional way. The chefs are skilled and the meat is barbequed to perfection. It is ideal for a formal meeting or a small get-together. The appetizers include a wide range of mezzehs, kebabs and grilled meat. The Gulf and Iranian seafood specials include sumptuous seafood platters and mouth-watering charcoal grilled kebabs, lobsters, fish and shrimp all well-seasoned and served with flawless complements. The tandoors create batch after batch of sizzling seekhs, lobsters, and kebabs which are duly accompanied by dips and traditional chutneys. The salads at the Grill are so exquisite that they can manage to make meals fit for royals. Despite this overwhelming competition, the biryanis, cannot be ignored and it is rare to find a meal devoid of it. Dessert at the Grill is as savvy as the main course and a look at the menu will ensure that your sweet tooth has its way.

The Gulf and Iranian seafood specials include sumptuous seafood platters and mouth-watering charcoal grilled kebabs, steaks, lobsters, fish and shrimp all well-seasoned and served with flawless complements.

Deli – Perfect place to relax and unwind

The Deli is ideal for an informal meeting; it has exactly what it takes to create the perfect fast-paced atmosphere. Be it for a quick meeting over a coffee or light meal to unwind after a long day’s work. The unusual mélange of colours and smart combinations are uplifting. The food ranges from freshly baked cakes and pastries, breakfasts with choice omelette to grilled sandwiches, all sinfully delicious yet surprisingly light. A glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice and traditional tea or freshly brewed gourmet coffee completes the meal. Display of skilfully created exotic desserts, pastries and cakes at the Deli delights the eyes and the taste buds alike. For customers on the go, the take away service is efficient and prompt. Bustling and lively, the Deli offers every customer exactly what he yearns for – a tranquil, pleasing meal sans any ado.



The experience begins as you enter the Village, where distinctive décor and attentive staff inspires in you the true feelings of Qatari hospitality and culture and make you feel very special. Your experience continues at this inviting restaurant spread over two levels, where passionate chefs and pleasant staff introduces you to the specialties enriched and enhanced with local aromas, authentic flavors and culinary secrets.

The setting of The Village ranges from dazzling to elegant to soothing with rich yet stylish decor and tastefully selected lightings and furnishing complemented by flawless service in the midst of a historically recreated Souq. The Village has become a favorite dining destination for the tourists and visitors to Souq branch also. The Village offers creative fine dining inspired by authentic Turkish, Indian and Iranian cuisines served for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.